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PC Gamer Magazine
Preview: Isle of Man TT 3 (Issue 383 June 2023)
Preview: Hyperviolent (Issue 384 July 2023)
Feature: Mini Motorways (Issue 384 July 2023)
Interview Feature: The Outlast Trials (Issue 385 August 2023)

Debug Magazine
Feature: A History of Independent Dreamcast Games (Issue 4)

[Lock-On] A Gaming Journal
Feature: Guide to Sega Dreamcast peripherals (Volume 003)

Dreamcast Years
Foreword: (Volume 1)
Interview: (Volume 1)
Feature: Metropolis Street Racer (Volume 2)

Feature: Ultimate Guide to the Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark
Feature: Sega Dreamcast Anniversary Special
Feature: The World's Most Advanced Prosthetic Hands
Feature: Lost in Sound: Gaming for the Visually Impaired

Retro Gamer Magazine:
Feature: Minority Report Sega Dreamcast NTSC-J (Issue 179)
Feature: The History of Iron Soldier (Issue 165)
Feature: Minority Report Sega Dreamcast (Issue 146)
Feature: Collector's Corner (Issue 140)

Articles about my articles:
Hackaday: Web Surfing on Dreamcast
Eurogamer: Lost Dreamcast Game Found
Kotaku: Dreamcast Barber
Kotaku: Crafti Minecraft Clone
Kotaku: Die Hard 64
Nintendo Life: Dreamcast Barber
Polygon: Crafti Minecraft Clone

Feature: The Road That Wasn’t There: The Mystery Of Oxygen Street
Feature: 5 Videogame Depictions Of The UK…That Aren’t Set In London
Feature: Is Artificial Nostalgia Damaging For classic Reboots?
Feature: The Catharsis of Selling My Games Collection
Feature: PS4 Pro - Impressions Of A 1080p Gamer
Feature: Every Apple Mac I've Owned
Feature: Why Nintendo Switch Doesn't Interest Me
Feature: 5 PS Vita Games I Instantly Regretted Buying

The Dreamcast Junkyard:
News: DLC & VMU Files Archived
News: Code Veronica X Infects PS4
News: Deer Avenger 3 Discovered
News: VMU Keychains
Interview: Bernie Stolar
Interview: Brian Bacino
Interview: Isotope Softworks
Interview: Duranik
Interview: Retro Sumus
Interview: Hucast
Review: Ghost Blade
Review: Fruit'Y
Review: Zia & The Goddesses Of Magic
Review: Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire
Review: Alice Dreams Tournament
Feature: In Search Of The Barber (Series)
Feature: Prince Of Persia
Feature: Milwaukee Versus Jet Grind Radio
Feature: The Games Of Star Wars
Feature: Circuit Breakers
Feature: Battery Powered Face-Off
Feature: The Ultimate Guide to Dreamcast Fishing Games
Feature: Beginner's Guide to Aero Dancing
Feature: Dreamcast on the Go with GBA
Feature: Dreamcast on the Go with PS Vita
Feature: SEGA Fish Life discovered and released

News: Primal Rage II Now Playable
News: Riqa Discovered
News: Die Hard 64 Discovered
News: Fan Game Sonic Twisted
News: Unreleased 64DD Game Rev Limit Discovered
News: Cancelled Dreamcast Ecco II Discovered
News: Atari Jaguar Cancelled Game Thea Realm Fighters
News: WipEout Chillout Music CD
News: Nintendo 64 Prototype Found
News: New Atari Jaguar Controller
Review: Uncanny Valley
Review: Active Soccer 2 DX (PS Vita)
Review: Slain: Back From Hell (PS Vita)
Review: Horizon Chase (iOS)
Review: OlliOlli 2 (PS Vita)
Review: Race The Sun (PS Vita)
Review: Rock Boshers DX (PS Vita)
Review: Futuridium EP Deluxe (PS Vita)
Review: Retrospecs (iOS)
Review: Super Red Green Blue (Book)
Review: Classic Home Video Games 1989 - 1990 (Book)
Review: 8Bit Music Power
Interview: Game Over Cafe Portsmouth

Do The Math:
Feature: Unsolved Jaguar Mysteries
Feature: The Atari Jaguar CD
Review: DOOM II
Review: Flashback - The Quest For Identity
Review: Defender 2000
Review: Club Drive
Review: Alien Vs Predator

Skirmish Frogs:
Review: Doom 64

Feature: The Amstrad GX4000
Feature: The Atari Jaguar